Praxis for Esogetic Medicine in Bruchsal

We are glad that you want to join us in discovering a new path to your health. In any case we are looking forward to your questions and challenges. And we are promising you a dialogue at eye level! We want you to become healthy, step by step. And even better: We want you to stay healthy. And this much we are able to say right now: You are already part of the solution!

Your individuality is where the resources for your recovery should be looked for – and where they are found!

Esogetic Medicine is human holistic medicine. In our clinic you visit us in the center of this system of healing, which for 50 years has been dedicated to the question: How does health really function? The resulting Esogetic Medicine is being practiced by over 2000 therapists worldwide. In our clinic in Bruchsal you can profit from this experience especially well. Here you will experience the core competencies first hand. Good for you – good for your health. And now: one step further!

Peter Mandel & Markus Wunderlich 

Our Philosophy

Many are talking about philosophy, some about ways of thinking, we are considering ourselves to be dynamic empiricists. We also understand ourselves as partners of traditional naturopathic healing and also of clinical medicine. We are simply thinking in an integrative manner, we are formulating the probable, we are pursuing the obvious and we are always acting with our focus on the personality.

For us that is logical. Esogetic Medicine looks at the entire human being, and for us that means body, soul and spirit. If you have a symptom, then that is a sign. A sign that carries a message. We are tracking the language of your signs. We are revealing your individual causal chains, we are comprehending semantic structures of body, consciousness and the subconscious. And in doing so we are honoring your very personal life and disease situation. That brings us to one basic Esogetic premise: Successful treatments do not focus the therapy on the disease, but on the individual. That means you!

Peter Mandel

Biography of Peter Mandel

Naturopath, author and the founder of Esogetic Medicine, born in 1941 in Breslau, in 1959 training as a male nurse, in 1960 training as a medical bath attendant and chiropractic therapist, acupuncturist, reflex zone therapist , 1970 training as a naturopath, since 1975 courses of study in Hong Kong and training in TCM, development of over 200 systems of diagnosis and therapy, cooperation with the biophoton researcher Prof. Popp and the development of the EEA technology, researcher of the theoretical foundations and the construction of clinically functional instruments for Colorpuncture, crystal and trauma therapy, IR and UV point therapies, holding an honorary doctorate by Medicina Alternativa, lover of red wine, full of ingenuity and a gourmet.

Markus Wunderlich

Biography of Markus Wunderlich

Naturopath, born in 1962 in Munich, son of Peter Mandel, chief officer of the International Mandel Institute, clinical partner of the Mandel/Wunderlich clinic, 1990 1992 naturopathic training in Munich, then clinical assistant in Munich from 1992 – 1993, opening of his first private clinic in 1993, training in Esogetic Medicine, training in kinesiology/NLP, teacher of Esogetic Medicine for the EEA and Colorpuncture according to Peter Mandel, director of the training and continued education institute for therapists in Germany/Switzerland, partner and therapist in the joint practice Mandel/Wunderlich in Bruchsal, CEO of Esogetics, biker, hiker and Francophile.

Scope of Service

More Power
More energy means more joy in life.
During a first interview you will find out how to reconnect to forgotten resources, build up new ones, or simply how to become able to enjoy more strength and better stamina. You can also go to our extensive newcomer portal: ESOGETICS.COM

Healthy Immunity
A vital immune system brings more life to your life.
With the help of a holistic perspective you will find out how to better cope with allergies and infections and maybe eliminate them completely. More practical clues can be found at our newcomer portal: ESOGETICS.COM

Stable Psyche
Burn-out, trauma and resilience are ubiquitous these days. We are convinced that spirit moves matter. So what makes more sense than to explore the connections of your body-soul-spirit principle? At ESOGETICS.COM there are more examples.

Living Pain-free
What is the opposite of pain? Whether migraine, organ pain or motor problems, everything goes from the “subtle” to the “gross”. From the deepest layers of our consciousness up to the physical reactions there are stimulus-reaction patterns, which we are lucky enough to understand nowadays. More insightful information at ESOGETICS.COM

Great Kids
Children are simply amazing. Luckily their causal chains are still short. Therefore Esogetic Medicine is able to especially successfully treat ADHD, infections, learning disabilities and much more.
Again there is much more knowledge to be found at ESOGETICS.COM

Manifest Diseases
When and why has a certain development established itself? That seems very important to us at this point. How did an individual loose his balance? If for instance we have been able to identify the original conflict stress, then we are able to resolve blockages with coordinated impulses. More background information at ESOGETICS.COM

The Diagnosis

In Esogetic Medicine every patient has the right to receive an all encompassing overview of his existence. That is more than simply a listing of the present symptoms. Much more. There may be many reasons for the present routine standards in some offices, but with us you can rely on very different principles. Always individual, always taking ample time and always searching for the deeper causes and new steps towards the underlying goal: Your health.

Energetic Emission Analysis Diagnosis / EEA

Different from the start. We are not willing to become slaves to the symptoms, but we want to immediately have a general overview in our mind’s eye. Therefore all our patients are send to the EEA examination room first thing. With the help of a special method of picture taking the natural electrical emission of an organism can be made visible. You know this discharge from the “sparks” in dry air or when you walk in carpeted areas. We are only photographing our patients’ hands and feet. These areas show the densest concentration of emissions. The result is a photographic paper with 20 irregular circles, so-called coronal discharges. Through the type of emission, we are calling them phenomena, around the tips the trained diagnostician is able to recognize concrete connections between symptom and cause. This treasure trove of experience collected by Peter Mandel is based on round about 2.000.000 pictures. This method is absolutely individual, free from any side-effects and very effective at the same time – and is an incorruptible “control measure” during the progression of therapy.


An elaborate anamnesis is part of any diagnosis, and we are particularly taking the family anamnesis into account. We have observed that there is a very strong correlation between health afflictions and social, familial and generation transcending conflict situations. The diagnostic systems of Esogetic medicine enable us to clear a path through the “masks” that have come into play over the years. Our goal are the causes.

Physical Examination

There needs to be a thorough examination before any therapy. That includes intensive conversations as much as a diligent physical exam. The visual diagnosis, the discovery and evaluation of outwardly discernible signs, makes it possible for the experienced practitioner to gain holistic insights into the person and his complex individual structure. The inspection of a patient’s outer state often provides us with concrete hints about disease predispositions and tendencies. Possibly some blood tests can be used to complete the picture.

Iris Diagnosis

An empirical method with a long classical tradition. Based on the iris color and iris phenomena, signs and structures of the entire eye, we receive clues about tendencies and weaknesses. That applies not only to the function of organs and body systems, but also to the psychological disposition.

Spenglersan Test (specific blood test)

The Spenglersan colloids are homeopathic remedies, which due to their makeup can be used for therapy or test purposes equally well. For the diagnosis we are analyzing the patient’s blood coagulation picture. There is a total of 10 Spenglersan colloids that can be tested and they show us the state of reactivity that the organism is in. As many diseases are based on mixed infections, compromises of the immune system, allergies or autoimmune diseases, the range of indications for the Spenglersan colloids is quite broad.

Das Team

Maria Musteman

Maria Musteman

Maria Musteman

Maria Musteman

Maria Musteman

Maria Musteman

Maria Musteman

Maria Musteman

The Therapies

All methods of our therapeutic scope are compatible with each other. As individual as each single therapy is tuned to the patient, as manifold and flexible are the combination possibilities of all the therapies amongst each other. After the examination results are available we are discussing the protocol and process of your personal treatment with you. But we do even more: We are reacting to your responses, are looking for further optimizing and thus are establishing a completely individual and dynamic schedule for your recovery.

Colorpuncture and Color Surface Therapy

The prerequisite for health is the harmonious balance of all bodily processes. Similarly to an irrigation system all the regulating mechanisms inherent in the body have to stay in a flow. Disruptions create a partial lack of supply or even segregation. The flow of energy “gets stuck” and the resulting congestion creates an overly abundant supply, a kind of “flooding” of other areas.

Thus the body gets into imbalance and falls ill. The stimulation of some precisely defined sensitive points on the body triggers a chain reaction that “washes away” the obstacle and regulates the body’s own energy, so that it can flow in the appropriate channels without being impeded. The traditional way is the mechanical stimulation through needling (acupuncture).

The Colorpuncture / Color Surface therapy expands the therapeutic regulation spectrum to the entire human being: body, soul and spirit. It does so by using the vitally necessary attributes of the light: Each color nuance possesses an individual vibrational energy, a specific “information”. This information is transmitted through precisely determined stimulation points and zones into the “energy system called human being”. There it develops a targeted balancing effect – gentle and painless and extremely efficient. From the basic therapies to the specific applications Colorpuncture / Color Surface therapy addresses areas of the subconscious, which are closed to verbal or mechanical access.

Injection Therapy

Also known as homeo- or acusiniatry. The name homeosyniatry has been coined by the French acupuncture physician Dr. R. de laFuye MD. As an acupuncture researcher and teacher he created the synthesis of acupuncture and homeopathy. Initially he referred to the work of the German physician Dr. Weihe, who had recognized a connection between painful points on the skin and homeopathic remedies already at the end of the nineteenth century without any knowledge of Chinese acupuncture. Acupuncture and homeopathy – two pillars of holistic medicine, in combination – they had to open a new door in the treatment of many diseases.

It is a fact that acupuncture and homeopathy can supplement each other. Every disease process is mirrored in painful points on the skin. That correlates on one hand to the defined indications of acupuncture and also to the remedy pictures of homeopathy.

Intravenous Therapy

With the autohemotherapy the self-healing power of the body is being activated. The organism changes its state of reactivity and the number of immune cells in the blood increases. For an autohemotherapy blood is drawn from the body and reinjected. The blood can be reinjected without any change in composition or enriched with remedies.

Metamorphosis according to Robert St. John

A gentle touch of the spinal reflex points at feet, hands and head resolves blockages and allows the life energy to flow freely once again. Our potential can unfold! Metamorphosis offers a balancing of tension on very deep, causal and comprehensive levels.

Crystal Therapy

The crystals are applying targeted information: The therapy crystals have been produced in an elaborate custom manufacturing process and they have shown great results as far as the deeper underlying patterns of disease and pain are concerned. Enriched with the holographic primordial patterns that are anchored in the human being, they are positioned on specific zones of the skin. In that way they are regulating and amplifying any type of therapy.

Pain Therapy

Pain is a cry for help originating from the body or the soul. The number of pain patients keeps increasing day in day out. Therefore our attention is directed at the pain therapy in particular. Specific Infrared radiation applied to certain reflex zones provides effective relief or resolution of pain without side-effects.

Induction Therapy

Whether we are awake, concentrated, relaxed or asleep: Four basic brain rhythms determine our consciousness. When these natural vibrations get switched, we get “out of step”. The rhythms of induction therapy have been designed to emulate the organismic cadences and they provide the deranged brain waves with simple and imperceptible “right” impulses to self regulate. Indications for this therapy are among others learning disorders, stress and insomnia.

Bach Flower Therapy

In 1930 the Bach flower therapy was founded by the Welsh physician Edward Bach (1886-1936), a pioneer of psychosomatic therapy. He outlined 38 different emotional states and assigned a certain blossom to each of them. For Bach disease was the result of a conflict, which was the result of character weaknesses, like for instance hatred, pride, insecurity, greed or negative emotional states like fear, grief, depression, rage, instability, impatience. In principle the Bach flower therapy can accompany the treatment of any disease. And most exciting: there are no known side-effects.

Craniosacral Therapy

The craniosacral rhythm arises from the movements of the flow of our cerebrospinal fluid. This rhythm can be palpated by experienced hands on our body. The craniosacral treatment accompanies these body inherent movements. A gentle impulse directed at bones, membranes or tissues can bring the experience of deep pain relief and pleasant relaxation.


Esogetic Medicine wants to be a medicine at eye level. That means at eye level with you as the patient. Therefore we are encouraging our patients and recovering friends to cultivate self-care. That means: Invest time and also curiosity in yourself! It can only be of benefit to get to know early reactions and effects and impulse/effect mechanisms in your own body. Peter Mandel has developed helpful options and methods to this end.

Wildcrafted Herbal Oil Relax

By using defined skin areas you are able to introduce the natural effective ingredients of the oil yourself. Certain zones enhance the quality of the sleep, others the dream process.

Sound Therapy

Simple and pleasant for the home or everywhere, where you feel at home. Peter Mandel has transformed color frequencies into sound frequencies. The diverse programs encourage stabilization and problem resolution.

Crystal Disks

What is being used in the therapeutic practice, can also be practiced at home in this case. The crystals can be placed on precisely defined points on the skin, using a simple instruction. The crystals are an extraordinary life elixir, like a wellness vacation for yourself.

Ideally you would combine the first meeting in our clinic with your excitement about self-exploration.

The best would be to take a minute and have an unhurried look at the Esogetic Medicine online shop. Here you will find further literature, as well as practical companion books for you daily life and your friends.

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